The one on the left is Celes!

Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight with a spirit as pure as snow.......


Real Name: Celes Chere

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Specialty: Runic - This allows Celes to absorb all magical attacks and convert them into positive magic points for herself! She also keeps the spells from doing much damage to other members of the party!

Special Attack: Spin Edge - She spins her sword out
NOTE: This only occurs when "fight" is selected and Celes is low on hit points.

Celes was once a General in the Empire army, but when she realized how corrupt they had become, she joined the resistance. She's ashamed of her role in the Empire's slaughter of innocent people and is determined to help put an end to it. Locke convinced her to join the group and taught her how to trust.

Celes is one of the few characters who will start the game with the knowledge of magic. Cid, whom she thinks of as a father figure, fused magicite into her body when she was still small.

Some Neat Things To Try Involving Celes:

Before you rescue Celes from the dungeon cell, have Locke change into merchant's clothes. You'll get a different dialogue.

During dinner, when the question of Celes comes up, reply with "She's one of us!" You'll get the most points for this question by doing that.

Have Celes feed Cid 10 healthy fish(they move faster) and he will return to life. If you do not see any healthy fish, talk to Cid. This will reset the fish.

When you wake up in the World of Ruin, continue to fight and fight and fight. Once Celes has reached level 99 find the other characters. They will now all be at level 99.

Instead of heading directly to Mobliz and talking to Terra wait until you have the Airship. Then you will have Edgar, Celes, Sabin, and Setzer to fight with instead of just Sabin and Celes.

Have Celes cast DOOM followed by X-ZONE on any enemy(other than bosses) and they will drop dead! (Alright, so this tip works for any character......^-^)

All of the swords, lances, knives, and dirks will let Celes use her Runic ability. You can only use Runic with the Magnus Rod among all the rods. You also can not use the runic ability with the stars or brushes(not that this matters since Celes can't use them anyway!)

Much thanks to for this tip!
Equip Celes with the Atma Weapon and Ragnarok Sword, along with the genji glove and offering(sure her defense is down but hey...her fighting skills make up for it). This gives her a max possible damage of 9999 X 12 in one attack (kills the great Kefka with one attack). What basically happens is Atma Weapon hits for 9999, Ragnarok hits for 9999, then Ragnarok does flare for 9999 (then times that by 4).

Many thanks to Karl for these tips:

About bringing characters up to Level 99: Yep, if you get Celes to level 99 all the other characters will all be level 99 too. But I suggest that you don't do this. If you have an Esper equipped when you go up a level, you get a bonus. But by the time you get to level 99 you can't do this any more. These bonuses are worth it, for example, keep Zoneseek equipped until you reach level 99 and you can do 9999 hp damage with just Ice2, keep Odin equipped (DON'T upgrade him to Raiden) you can be faster than some characters with running shoes.....

If you cast Vanish on most opponents, not your characters, they will vanish. This lowers they're magic defense. Then if you cast Doom they will almost certainly die, don't use X-zone because you'll lose all exp., GP, and items that you would have gotten. This also works for most bosses, including the Atmaweapon, and 2 of the Goddess statues.....

Did you know that are some Mysteries surrounding Celes in Final Fantasy 3(6)?

When Sabin, Cyan and Shadow (If he's still with you) are on the ghost train, you'll bump into Siegfried, but I'll come back to him later. You'll also bump into a guy who tells you about the train, his name is "the impresario". Sound's familiar? It's the owner of the opera house. In the world of ruin, Siegfried is in the coliseum, where Shadow likes to go. He says that there's a double of him about, but that all he says about it. If you wager a certain item (I can't remember which one it was, that's on yet another table!) you can fight him. Just what is the answer to this characters identity?
And finally, Celes is the spitting image of Maria, the great opera singer, but we never see Maria. Where is she? Perhaps Owzer knows, the art lover of Jidoor, as he has a picture of her in his basement, which has a habit of looking in different directions. Don't some of his paintings come alive.....?

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