This is an animated thingy in which Celes casts the spell "Bolt!" on Kefka. Her friend, Terra, aids her in the battle against Kefka by casting "Fire!"

This is a cute picture of Celes! Below this, you'll find the same picture flipped and with no background color!

This picture is used in the instruction manual. I have also seen it used in various gaming magazines as Terra, but it's not her! It's Celes!

The next pic is from my main Celes page. It is a picture of her with a sword and some funny plants!

This is my final picture of our beloved former general. She looks kind of bald, but, hey!, it's a pic!

This next one is just so cute!

If you have any pic's of Celes which I don't please e-mail them to me at or send me a url where I can find them! I'm also happy to except fan art and would give you credit for it if you have any pictures of her!


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