Celes Star's Final Fantasy III(VI) FAQ!

What are Mog's Dances and how can I get them?

Mog has 8 dances. They are as follows:

Wing Sing - Learned from grass fields anywhere on the World Map
Forest Suite - Learned from forests anywhere on the World Map
Desert Aria - Learned from deserts anywhere on the World Map
Love Sonata - Learned from fighting in towns(Zozo, Narshe, etc...)
Earth Blues - Learned from mountains anywhere on the World Map
Water Rondo - This can only be learned in the World of Balance in The Serpent Trench
Dusk Requiem - Learned from caves anywhere on the World Map
Snowman Jazz - Learned in the snowy feilds above Narshe

What are the special characters and how can I get them?

There are two special characters. And no, one of them is not Leo!

**Note: Both these characters are only available in the World of Ruin**

Umaro - "Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a yeti pal with muscle!"
- There's a hidden cave in the cliffs above Narshe. You must have Mog
with you to get Umaro. You must defeat him in battle in order for him
to join your party.

Gogo - "Shrouded in odd clothing....is this a man...?...a woman...?...or should we ask?"
- In the World of Ruin there is an island shaped like a triangle, hence it's name "Triangle
Island." On this island live a monster known as the "Zone-Eater." It will suck members
of your party into it's mouth during battle. Let it suck all four of your party into it's mouth
and the battle will automatically end. You will emerge in an underground dungeon. Fight
your way through the dungeon and, at the end, you'll meet up with Gogo who will join you!
It has been rumured that Gogo is Daryl(her airship crashed into Traiangle Island) but this has
never been proven.

What are the settings for the clock in Zozo?


Is there a way to undue to the curse on the Cursed Sheild and the Cursed Ring?

Equip them for 255 battles. They will then transform into the Paladin Sheild and Paladin Ring.
To counter act the effects of the cursed items equip the character with a ribbon.

Can I keep Shadow from dying at the end fo the game?

According to Squaresoft Shadow has seven dreams(you view his dreams while sleeping in the Coloseum,
Doma Castle, and Thamasa) It is possible to see some dreams in the World of Balanace if you stay in Thamasa.

Where can I get more Experiance Eggs?

Use Ragnarok on Harpy's. He transforms them into Exp. Eggs!

What is the significance of Cyan's books?

There is no significance in the American version of the ganme. I've been told that Cyan learns
to use tools from reading them in the Japanese version of the game.

Why does Shadow speak like a woman when you find him in the World of Ruin?

Shadow was not orginally meant to survive the fall of the Floating Island. However, they decided
to put him in. In order to save space(especially precious in English translations), programmers
used the same text for Shadow and Relm(who is in the cave if you failed to save Shadow)
Make sense?