Major Characters


You are a kind a caring soul with the power to create a world....

You are skilled with many weapons and are loyal and compassionate. Your hobbies include golem making, walking your pets, playing beautiful music, and reading to your pet cactus.

Interesting Fact: You are a sprite.


Elazul & Pearl

Elazul and Pearl are both Jumi, a dying race whose glittering cores are stolen because they appear as valuable jewels. The tears of the Jumi are the essence of life it's self. With each tear shred, however, the Jumi losses a bit of his or her life as well. Because of this, the Jumi have evolved into a race that is incapable of crying. However, without their tears to bring life, the slain Jumi remain in the Underworld and the race slowly dies.

Elazul is a proud Jumi Knight. He can be crass and short tempered at times, but he is really a very loyal companion. He spends most of his time searching for Pearl who, without constant supervision, often wanders away.

Pearl is a shy and quite girl with no real memory of her past. She is quite defenseless and must be protected at all times.

Interesting Fact: Elazul's name in Japanese is "Luri."


Niccolo is the wandering peddler of smiles. His smiles, that it.

Niccolo spends most of his time conning people and selling them fake products. He'll often offer his services as a guide for an outrageous price. The all mighty Lucre is the only thing that speaks to this furry rabbit.

Interesting Fact: Niccolo appeared in the Super Nintendo game "Secret of Mana" as a traveling merchant who appeared at the oddest locales!

Bud & Lisa

Bud and Lisa plan to take over the world with pumpkins. Okay, so it was mostly Bud's idea, but Lisa did go along with it....

Bud often acts without thinking and has grand aspirations of becoming a great magician like his father before him. He wants to visit the six wisdoms and ask for their advice on this matter because things seem kind of hopeless - Bud was expelled from the Magic Academy at Geo. He carries his deceased mother's frying pan as a momento of her.

Lisa is more level headed than her brother, but shares his passion for sorcery. She is an incredible asset in any adventure you include her in. She carries her deceased father's broom as a momento of him.

Interesting Fact: Lisa's Japanese name is Korona.

Escad & Daena

Escad is a dangerous warrior with a strong sense of justice. His goal in life is to avenge his friend Matilda by slaying his other childhood friend, Irwin. His hatred is so passionate that it alienates him from others.

Daena is a cat woman and the defender of Gato and her best friend, Matilda. Daena is intelligent, quick, and a powerful warrior in battle.

Interesting Fact: Escad is called Eskatte in the Japanese version of the game.

Larc & Sierra

Larc is incredibly loyal. So loyal that when his Master, Drakonis, went to the Underworld Larc followed. His goal in life is to avenge his Master and destroy the dragons. While his intentions are good Larc lacks the ability to see the whole picture. He only sees what he wants to see, hears what he wants to hear - and that's whatever comes form Drakonis.

Sierra is Larc's sister who stands on the opposite side of arena when it comes to Larc's destruction of the dragons. While she doesn't want to fight her own brother, Sierra sees that Drakonis is wrong and yearns to stop his evil deeds. Her master is the White Dragon, Vadise.

Interesting Fact: Larc and Sierra are both dragoons!

Minor Characters

Duelle & Teapo

Duelle the union warrior may seem like a little kid, but he is very knowledgeable. He knows all about the world and the monsters that inhabited it and, most importantly, how to be rid of them! He is friends with Teapo.

Teapo is a magical construct built in Geo who lives with Marc, his wife, and their daughter, Rachel. She tends to over react and gets some crazy ideas sometimes, but her heart is in the right place. Being a tea pot she likes tea quite a lot. She is very good friends with Duelle and likes Niccolo because he sells her jewelry(all of it fake....)

Interesting Fact: Duelle is, indeed, part onion!

The Pelican

The Pelican likes to sign and thinks she's a real treat for the men of Domina. She'll go to great lengths to deliver the mail(even if it happens to be a spiny cactus!) and is very chatting and helpful. Whenever you catch a monster egg the Pelican will promptly arrive to take the little whelpy-whelp to the corral for you!

Interesting Fact: Mail delivered by the pelican is never slimey!


Rachel is Marc's daughter and is very quiet and fairly unhappy with her life. She doesn't talk much.

Interesting Fact: Rachel is part fairie!


Elle is a kind and gentle soul who loves to sing. Her song, however, can be quite dangerous because she is a siren. She doesn't mean to cause any trouble, but it just seems to happen....

Interesting Fact: Elle is friends with Flameshee!