Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: I beat the lullabuds and have a tree in my backyard. Why isn't the event "Mana Orchards" complete?
A: The event is not complete until after your first harvest.

Q: I heard there are some events that can only be accessed if the mana levels are high enough. Is this true?
A: Yes. The event "Seeing Double" can only occur if Domina's Dark mana level is at maximum(3). Also, the event "Pee-wee Birdie" can not take place unless Domina's Salamander and Wisp levels are at maximum(3)

Q: After completing "The Gorgon Eye" event at Lake Kilma I got an item instead of an artifact. Why?
A: It is possible to get the Medallion Artifact and the Firefly Lamp Artifact elsewhere. If you have neither of these artifacts you will randomly get one after completing this event. If you have one of them you will get the other and if you have both you will receive an item. This also applies to the event "Faeries' Light" and the "Infernal Doll" amoung others.

Q: Where are the six wisdoms?
A: Gaeus is on Luon Highway, Tote is at Lake Kilma, Rosiotti is in the Jungle, Olbohn is in the Underworld, and Pokiehl can be found in the Ulkan Mines or in Lumina. Selva will appear in Gato after you have visited the other five wisdoms.

Q: In "Niccolo's Business Unusual Part 3" the Flowerkeys aren't the same as they were in "Teatime of Danger." How do I get by?
A: To open the Western Gates arrange the three flowerlings in a diagonal line from the upper left to the bottom right. After Niccolo asks to leave you will be faced with more Flowerkeys. Go south of where Niccolo chased the Flowerling and move the bottom Flowerkey to the right to open the north gate. Go through the north gate and arrange the Flowerkeys there(just move them over a spot) This opens the south gate and shuts the east and west ones. Walk south past the Megalithic Structure and you'll find more gates. Continue south until you find more Flowerkeys(you must move one, but not the other - I'll let you figure otu which =-) This will open the east gate. Leave through that gate and continue south until you're at the enterance.

Q: The Jack-in-the-box at the beginning of the Junkyard gave me a riddle. I don't understand....
A: It's not a riddle, but a path. Each exit from each screen has a prominent toy that you can talk to. Follow the Jack-in-the-box's instruction to reach the Heap of Garbage.

Q: Where is Professor Bomb's Golem?
A: Lake Kilma

Q: I've met the six wisdoms, but the event isn't complete. Why?
A: You must take Bud home for the event to be complete.

Q: How do I get into the Birdcage Lighthouse?
A: You can not enter the lighthouse until the "Siren's Song" event is triggered. Head to the right side of the screen until Flameshe makes a bubble then run for the door.

Q: Where is Watts hammer?
A: Use the Dudbear Express at the begining of the cave. It will take you right to the hammer.

Q: I can't seem to trigger the Buried Treasure event. Why?
A: You must have stomped on at least 20 crabs at Madora Beach for this to occur. Go back and try again.

Q: Why can't I enter the Underworld?
A: You must there without a partner(pets and golems are okay, though)

Q: Why can't I enter the Tower of Leires?
A: You probably have Elazul as a partner. Get rid of him and try again.

Q: When Bud is sick just where does the Li'l Cactus go?
A: Go to Domina and talk to Meimei, the fortune teller. Then go home and read a note from Li'l Cactus at the bottom of his pot. Visit Gaeus on Luon Highway, Selkie in the Jungle, Brownie at the Geo Magic Academy, David aboard the SS Buccaneer, and, finally, the Pelican on the outskirts of Domina. Go home and Li'l Cactus will be in your mailbox.

Q: What are the three reagents needed in the event "The Field Trip?"
A: Star Sparkles, Spotted Silver Mushrooms, and Fairie Scales.

Q: I can't get into the Bone Fortress. Why not?
A: The mouth will open if you have Larc with you. Once inside you must have a pet accompanying you to trigger the trap in the floor.

Q: Where's Putty?
A: In the moving barrel aboard the SS Buccaneer. He runs away after you talk to him. Go to the beach at Polpota Harbor.

Q: Where are Esmerleda's sisters' cores?
A: Diana(the Jumi "statue" in Kristie's basement)has one, there is one in Mephianse's office(you must wait until he is gone teaching to get it), and the final one is in the cafe(it's not available until you have the other two)

Q: Where are the keys to Diana's heart?
A: The Instrument Shop, Mephianse's Office(you must wait until he's gone teaching to get it), and the city gates(near the save point)

Q: Where is Rachel after she runs away?
A: She's in Geo. You must wait for the day when Nunzac is teaching, then enter the library where an experiment will take place.

Q: Skippie and Hamson talk about "The Legend of Skippie" and "The Legend of Hamson" and it looks like two new events have opened, but they're not in my diary. What's up with that?
A: This was just meant to be cute. They aren't real events and, therefore, can not be completed.

Q: Where are the pieces of the map in "The Treasure Map" event?
A: The first piece is in the room where the map was ripped apart. From the first piece go up and left, then left, down and right, and right. Here are pieces 2 and 3. Now go up and left, left 3 times, and down and to the right. Here are pieces 4, 5, and 6. Finally, go down and right, then right twice. Here are pieces 7 and 8.

Q: Some pets don't have to be caught. What are they? Where are they? How to I get them?
A: A complete list(as far as I know) is below. You'll have to find them and talk to them to get them to join you.
Chobin Hood - Jungle - Dryad Lv 3
Goblin - Lumina - Dryad & Shade Lv 3
Tomato Man - Ulkan Mines - Salamander Lv 3
Samgin - Duma Desert - Dryad Lv 3
Succubus - Fieg Snowfields - Shade Lv 3
Narcissos - Junkyard - Gonme Lv 3
Mad Mallard - Lake Kilma - Wisp Lv 3