Lake Kilma

Event Name: The Gorgon's Eye
Event Locations:
Lake Kilma
Required Partner:
Gorgon's Eye
How To Trigger:
Enter Lake Kilma
Here's What To Do:
Follow the Pirate Penguins until you find that they are being turned to stone. Eventually you'll meet Tote, a turtle and one of the Seven Wisdoms, who will ask you if you can see fairies. Say "no" and he will make them appear to you. Continue to travel through the forest until you run into the Penguins again. Talk to them, then follow them up where you'll find a save point. Save and travel up and right until you reach a clearing with two chests and some stone penguins. Go up and left from here to reach a cliff. Jump down and battle the Gorgon's Eye. After you defeat it the event is complete.