Since Legend of Mana is a non-linear game events are grouped by the location they start at(i.e. where the quest begins) If you're looking for help on a specific quest and don't know where it starts, please refer to this handy list then return here.

Also, please take a look at the FAQ

All Events are listed using this format:

Event Name:
Event Locations:
Required Partner:
How To Trigger:
Here's What To Do:


All Good Things Start At Home......

Troubles in Domina

Lake Kilma, Home of The Gorgon's Eye

A Jungle Paradise

Madora, the Lovers Beach

Lighted Lumina

Enter the Junkyard!

The Haunted Harbor of Polpota

Destiny In Duma Desert

The Mindas Ruins

Great Gato Grottoes

Ulkan Mines, Home of Watts

Ask a Shadole About The Underworld

Trouble in the Tower of Leires

Geo, Home of the Magic Academy

SS Buccaneer for the Pirate in All of Us!

Tall and Frosty Norn Peaks

The White Forest, Home of the Lillipeas!

Frozen Fieg Snowfields

The Scary Bone Fortress

Sanctuary of Mana