Madora Beach

Event Name: Madora Beach
Event Locations:
Madora Beach
Required Partner:
Fullmetal Haggar
How To Trigger:
Enter Madora Beach
Here's What To Do:
Enter the beach and watch the exchange between David and Valerie. Quickly crunch all the crabs on the beach before they disappear. Go to the right and continue until you find a set of caverns. Crunch all the crabs you can! At one point you'll exit the cavern and be on a beach where you'll meet a talking crab. He'll tell you how many crabs you crunched. In another part of the caverns you will find Fullmetal Haggar, the boss. Fight him and win, then witness another conversation between David and Valerie. Valerie will leave and you will receive the Rusty Anchor Artifact which completes the event.