Mindas Ruins

Event Name: Teatime of Danger
Event Locations:
Mindas Ruins
Required Partner:
Count Dovula
How To Trigger:
Enter the ruins.
Here's What To Do:
Speak to Duelle and he'll tell you that Teapo is lost. Make your way to the Ruined Glory section and continue on until you find your first batch of Flowerkeys. Arrange them forming a left to right diagonal. For south from the gatekeeper, south of the Ruin Glory section. You will find more Flowerkeys. Switch the diagonal. Return to the first set of Flowerkeys and place the upper and lower ones on the left to open the Southern Gate. Return to the Western Gates and take the path south to the Megalithic Structure. Speak to the Flowerling and, if you have the Flowerkeys set up correctly, she will open a hatch in the structure and allow you to go in. Continue left once inside(there's no where else to go) and find Teapo who calls you "Chumpy"(and to think you traveled all this way to rescue her!) Teapo leaves and a bat appears. The bat is actually Count Dovula and she's pretty keen on the idea of sucking your blood. Battle her and win to complete the event.