Pets & Golems


Pets come to you fairly early in the game. After defeating Bud and Lisa and completing the event "Little Sorcerers" return to the field where you fought and talk to Duelle to trigger the event "Monster Corral." Duelle will teach you how to catch monster eggs! These eggs will someday hatch into a cute little pet who will aid you in your adventures!

Monster eggs can be found in most locales(excluding towns) and are fairly easy to catch. You must drop a piece of fruit or meat and wait for the egg to see it and start munching! If a heart appears then the egg likes it! If he likes it enough an exclamation point will appear over his head. This is your que to run over to the egg and press the X button. The egg will now be yours and the Pelican will appear to deliver the whelpy-whelp to the corral for you!

To take a pet with you go to the corral at your house. If your pet is grazing you can speak to him and choose to take him with you. If he is not grazing enter the barn and a menu will appear. Select the pet you would like to take with you and it will!

NOTE: You can only have one pet or golem with you at a time.

To give a pet personality feed it vegetables you get from your Orchards. Use the vegetable dictionary to view what stats the veggies will increase and which they will decrease.

If you tire of a pet or wish to make room for new ones(you can only have five) then you can sell your pet. Depending on it's rarity and level you get various amounts of lucre.

Certain pets will come with you willingly, but the mana levels must be right:

Chobin Hood - Jungle - Dryad Lv 3
Goblin - Lumina - Dryad & Shade Lv 3
Tomato Man - Ulkan Mines - Salamander Lv 3
Samgin - Duma Desert - Dryad Lv 3
Succubus - Fieg Snowfields - Shade Lv 3
Narcissos - Junkyard - Gonme Lv 3
Mad Mallard - Lake Kilma - Wisp Lv 3


After completing the event "Professor Bomb's Lab" Professor Bomb will teach you to make golems!

Carefully read over the books the Professor gave you to fully understand this complicated process.

You build a golem using pieces of equipment and armor. If you make a mistake don't worry - you can always discard your golem and get the equipment back.

After building a golem assign logic blocks to it. If you like, use fruit to color your golem.

Some golem's have incredibly strong attacks. However, the axis may be limited and it may be nessicary for you to lure the enemy to the golem.