Secrets, Tips & Hints



Shadow Zero - To activate this mini-game you must have completed the Jewel Hunter events which consists of:

The Lost Princess, The Flame of Hope, Drowned Dreams, The Looking Glass Tower,
The Lucky Clover, Cosmo, Two Pearls, Alexandrite, Fluorite, and Teardrop Crystal

After completing these events go to Domina on Salamander Day. Walk into the bar and you'll find Shadow Zero near the counter. Talk to him to access the mini-game. He'll give you items if you score really high!

Landbopper - To activate this mini-game you must have nine lands in view on the map(i.e. a land all nine squares of a screen) Hold down the L1 button for four or five seconds and the game will begin.

Save Data

Final Fantasy VIII - Have a Final Fantasy VIII save on your memory card. Highlight this save then cancel out of the save menu. Go to Domina and head over to the empty field in the western section and trigger the event "Monster Corral." Continue as usual. When the event is complete a nice yellow Chocobo will hatch instead of a nice yellow rabite!

Saga Frontier 2 - Have a Saga Frontier 2 save on your memory card. Highlight the Saga Frontier save in the Legend of Mana save screen then cancel to leave the screen. Go to the Bone Fortress and take the elevator to the third floor. Go left, up and left, and right. There should be two skeletons on the bridge. Move near them and the event will trigger. Battle Deathbringer II and, upon his defeat, you will receive the strongest sword from Saga Frontier 2.

Chocobo Racing - Have a Chocobo Racing save on your memory card. Highlight this save and then cancel to get out of the save screen. Go to Polpota Harbor and, on the town map, Skippie will appear and give you the item "Fastest Wheel." NOTE: This will not work until after you have completed the event "Catchin' Lillipeas."

Hidden Pets

The following pets can be found in the location listed if the mana levels are correct. Just find the pet and talk to it for it to accompany you.

Chobin Hood - Jungle - Dryad Lv 3
Goblin - Lumina - Dryad & Shade Lv 3
Tomato Man - Ulkan Mines - Salamander Lv 3
Samgin - Duma Desert - Dryad Lv 3
Succubus - Fieg Snowfields - Shade Lv 3
Narcissos - Junkyard - Gnome Lv 3
Mad Mallard - Lake Kilma - Wisp Lv 3


1. Work on your special attacks. You never know when they might come in handy.

2. Always have "crouch" enable before a boss battle. If things are going bad get out of the way and let your partner fight while you heal.

3. Grab all the crystals you can. Building your levels is an essential part of winning.

4. Watch the mana levels. Aside from causing certain events to happen, the mana levels of your home and orchard will affect the growth of fruit!

5. Make instruments. They contain useful spells.

6. Catch eggs. Sure, the pets may be useless but they're so cute! And if you can get them aggressive enough they might actually help you!

7. Learn to use a variety of weapons. Some weapons fair better against some enemies and bosses than others.

8. Talk to everyone. You never know what they might say.

9. Never ignore a quest once it has opened up. If you wait too long to complete an event, you may fail it.

10. Experiment in the forges. You can build some really great weapons there.

11. If you're having trouble beating a boss switch your weapon type. If you are using a close range weapon such as a sword or gloves, try using a long range weapon like the bow.

12. If you are having an incredibly hard time with a boss call a friend and get them to play an NPC! At any one of the save points(or at home or the abandoned house in Domina) a friend can take control of an NPC. You're both a lot smarter than the boss so it won't be long until he falls!


1. You can make your way through most mazes by following the left wall.

2. Pendants will raise your magic ability.

3. Experiment with your Golem's all you like. By choosing the "Discard" option the parts used for the Golem(minus paint and several other things) will return to your inventory.