Tower of Leires

Event Name: The Looking Glass Tower
Event Locations:
Tower of Leires
Required Partner:
Iron Centaur, Jewel Beast
How To Trigger:
Agree to take Pearl to the top of the Tower.
Here's What To Do:
Enter the Tower and head on up! Pearl is completely useless here, so don't worry about her(she won't fight.....) On the eighth floor you will find a set of double doors. Go inside and touch the transportation device therein. You'll now be on the 11th floor. Follow the walkway and find another pair of double doors that lead to the Room of Fate. Inside fight the Iron Centaur. After defeating the Iron Centaur Elazul will appear and tell you to take Pearl back down. Make your way back to the transportation room and proceed down the Tower(use the holes on the upper part of the screen to jump down when you can) When you reach the entrance Sandra will appear and you will be attacked by the Jewel Beast. Defeat the jewel beats and collect an artifact from the grateful Pearl to complete this event.