All About Leon!

"Leon's skills are easily on par with the 7 Generals."
- The King of Seniegald

"I heard that there's a swordsman named Leon at Darilsheid Castle. He's supposed to be very young and handsome. And he's so powerful that he's the only candidate to replace one of the Seven Generals."
- Village Girl, Harmentz

"Leon, your great deeds are always appreciated."
- Seniegald Soldier

"He's the best swordsman in the Kingdom of Seniegald."
- Chaltier

"Being competitive is not nessicarily a bad personality trait....."
- Baruk

"I think my gaze met with Leon's. Maybe Leon was looking at me, too. I felt soooo happy today!"
- Diary Writing, Seniegald Castle

"I have faith in Leon!"
- Stahn

"You shouldn't have challenged my young master."
- Chaltier

"Leon tends to keep people at a distance on purpose."
- Rembrandt

"Thanks for all the hard work, Leon!"
- Stahn

"You're a real hero, buddy!"
- Seniegald Soldier

And some not so nice things said about Leon......

"Don't you threaten me you little punk!"
- Batista

"You arrogant little twit!"
- Mary Argent

"Leon betrayed us..."
- Stahn

To Quote Rutee:

"Blame it on that little brat!"

"When did they let you out of preschool?"

"Why you snot nosed little brat!"

"Why can't you be gracious for a change?"

"Shut up, you brat!"

"Are you stupid?!"