Gender: Male
Elemental: Ground

Chaltier's bad point is that he is always feeling very insecure and worries of his rank relative to others. That's why he doesn't seem to be very close to the rest of the Swordians.

Chaltier was once a Squad Leader in the Second E'rther Army. He was recruited to become a Swordian because of his amazing skill and competence in battle.

Name Type Target Effect
Stone Blast Attack Single Unleashes a hail of pebbles at the enemy
Spike Attack Single Attacks enemies with stone spikes from the ground
Strong Hammer Assist Single Knocks out an enemy with a hammer from above
Stone Wall Attack Single Seals the enemy in a wall of stone
Hammer Blow Assist Multiple Knocks out enemies with a large hammer from above
Stone Press Attack Single Crushes the enemy with a huge boulder
Barrier Defense Single Surrounds an ally with a defensive wall of water