Name: Leon Emilio Magus
Age: 16
Height: 159cm
Weight: 48kg
Class: Seniegald Military Swordsman
Family: Hugo, Rutee, Chris Katrea(deceased), Marian
Home: Hugo's Mansion in Darilsheid, Seniegald
Swordian: Chaltier
Motto: "Never trust anyone."

At the tender age of 16, Leon is the youngest master swordsman to serve the kingdom of Seniegald. Leon appears to be level-headed on the surface, but he actually tends to be an impatient emotional firecracker with a very short fuse. He can be patronizing yet kind to people he likes - in other words, Leon's someone who can be extremely difficult to get along with.

After the death of Leon's mother, Chris Katrea, Hugo hired a woman named Marian who looked like Leon's mother as a housemaid and a companion for the the young boy. Marian is probably the only person Leon has ever trusted or loved.

He cares enough about her that is willing to sacrifice his own life....

**Leon Fun Fact**

He gets airsick ;-)

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