From The Mouth of the Master!

The Legendary Quotes of Leon!


"People will deceive you no matter how much you trust them."

"Damn it, you spineless worms...."

"Quit slacking on your job, you morons!"

"You'll regret your insolence."

"I don't trust anyone."

"Criminals have no rights! Now you shall pay!"

"Spare me your ignorance!"

"Damn it, shut up!"

"I am merely a disposable tool to Hugo."


About Stahn and Company:

"You fools...."

"They're not worth paying attention to at all!"

"Hey, don't put me on the same level with them!"

"Well, the last thing I need is more dead weight! My hands are already full dealing with these fools...."

About Rutee:

"Her loudness graces us with her annoying presence."

"What a useless woman."

To Rutee:

"You brazen hussy!"

"Have you no tact or decency?"

"Just shut up and come along!"

To Stahn:

"I can't put up with you anymore!"

"Go away you meddling twit!"