Fantasy Isles

"For what a man would like to be true, that he more readily believes."
- Francis Bacon

Magic and mystery surrounded you....

King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table

Arthurian Resources - Lots of good info and articles on the historical and legendary perspectives

Arthuriana - One of the best Arthurian indexes on the web

Irminsul Aettir - Not so much Arthur, but a round about history of Medieval and Prehistoric Europe that could be interesting to anyone interested in Arthurian lore

Le Morte d'Arthur Vol. 1 - On-line text of Mallory's classic, part 1

Le Morte d'Arthur Vol. 2 - On-line text of Mallory's classic, part 2

The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester - An excellent database with Arthurian texts, images, etc...

Mis. Fantasy Themed Pages

Glen of Mysts

Kittiara's Castle

Lady Syn's World of Fantasy

Mistress Dream's Page of Fantasy

The Enchanted Hollow - All about pixies, including pixies you can adopt and skins for your browser among other things

The Enchantment of Phantasia

The Magical World of Kharn - a magical world filled with stories, puzzles, and lots of history ;-) You can join the fun and become a part of Kharn!

The Town of Hraxx

Tir Nan Og

Web Weaver's Maze - A choose your own adventure type of thing set in the world of Mysteria

Fiction and Author Pages

Alan Dean Foster - The author's personal site about himself and his works

Forgotten Fantasy - Lots of serial stories as well as some other short fiction(including some award winning things)

Hi Piers - The official site of Piers Anthony and Xanth

Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta - Authors of a great deal of Star Wars books

Laurell K. Hamilron Official Website - The author of the Anita Blake books, ladies and gentlemen!

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time - The official Tor site

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