Island Hopping

We live our lives, for ever taking leave.

- Rainer Maria Rilke

Ah, so you must be going now. I understand, I assure you. But you will come to visit again won't you? I enjoyed your stay here with me and I hope you feel the same! Remember, you are always welcome in my Castle!

I have prepared transportation so you may leave us and explore new realms.

Where will you go?

Tomodachi Island - Neighboring kingdoms with which I am on friendly terms.

The Lighthouse of Cabra - Amber and Amber DRPG links.

The Isle of the Dead - Anita Blake, Kindred, Forever Knight, etc... links

King Haggard's Castle By The Sea - Explore the Last Unicorn links buried beneath the waves!

Fantasy Isles - King Arthur, Fantasy Authors, and magic galore!

NEWSFLASH: Due to a horrible hurricane ships can't sail to The Anime Archipeligo at this time!

Hopefully the bad weather will clear up soon!

The Anime Archipeligo - Anime links arranged on seperate pages by title or subject(Fushigi Yuugi, Fansubs, Lum, etc...)

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