The Lighthouse of Cabra

"There's something to be said for has to be said because it's unprintable!"
-Albert Einstein

The realm of Amber, where blood is not always thicker than water.....


Amber, Jvstin Style - My friend(and on-line GM) Paul's site with info on characters he's played, general amber info and lots of good stuff on his long running PBEM, Strange Bedfellows.

Amber MUSH Homepage - If you ever wanted to know anything(or everything) about Amber MUSH here is the place to go!

The Amber Project: Elders Pages - A project to give each elder their very own page! Go check out your favorite elder today!

Ask Aunt Flora - Advice from the one, the only, Princess Florimel!

Mer Haskell's Ghosts and Shadows Campaign - Um....well...Mer Haskell's campaign everybody!

Private Agendas - Diaries - I'd say it's self explanatory, wouldn't you?

Shadownet On-Line - From Satire to an Amber Bestiary this is one Fanzine you should defiantly check out! Again, look for satire by yours truly ;-)


Maybe I won't leave just yet......