Cash & Sasha

"Clan sexual relations can be costly for the couples involved, especially when their Clans are rivals."

And no greater rivals are there in the world of the Masquerade than the Gangrel and Brujah clans. Their feud is legendary, the blood they shed all too real. This ancient quarrel has gone on for centuries and has made the two clans bitter enemies.

Sasha and Cash's relationship started out simply enough. Having only recently ascended to the position of Primogen of the Gangrel Clan Cash fell in love with a mortal woman who happened to be the only living descendant of San Francisco's Prince, Julian. Though he accepted Cash and Sasha's relationship Julian was hesitant to give Cash permission to bring Sasha across. His hesitance cost everyone dearly when Sasha was forcibly embraced by the Brujah.

"Feuding Clans rarely intermingle because they are averse to each other on a blood chemical level."

Bound by blood to hate each other Sasha and Cash were lost. Their love lingered between them, but to no avail. Sasha was Brujah now and nothing could change that....

Torn apart from Cash Sasha found herself moving dangerously close to Zane, a vampire who brought women across without their permission, let alone that of the Prince of the City. Though Lillie tried to save him from himself, Zane was caught in a downward spiral and he trapped Sasha as he fell. Only Cash's love managed to save her when her death was only a heartbeat away.

"For there is no greater tale of woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo...."

Against impossible odds Cash and Sasha battle to save their love. Their wild spirits are perfectly matched for each other, though their blood screams to separate them. Romeo and Juliet were lost to one another, torn apart by the violence and hatred of their families. Cash and Sasha battle a similar fate.

Only time will tell where their love leads.......

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