All About me!

Well, for starters, this is what I look like!

Just Kidding =-)

I like this picture and there aren't any of me available......

Tid Bits of Info On Me:

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Holding

Birthday: October 21st

Hair/Eye Color: Brown and Brown!

Hobbies: Computers, my web page, reading/writing science fiction and fantasy(as well as poetry), watching anime, playing video games, role playing, collecting stamps, drawing, and collecting anteater related items(don't ask =)

Pets: One dog named C.D.(his name stands for "Compact Dog") and two guinea pigs whose names are Sable and Ruffles. In the past I have been fortunate enough to share my life with a perfectly darling hamster named Butterscotch, three two-tailed goldfish(Spike, Sunny, and Goldie), as well as two cats who were called Maggie and Inday(pronounced "In-die")

Martial Status: Single, but dating my darling Anthony(It'll be 3 1/2 years on August 14, 2001; Our four year anniversary will be on Valentines Day =)

Employment: I worked for a quite a long time at Burger King. Then I worked at a Hallmark store called Expressions. I currently work at Beaman Company, a store specializing in Japanese Animation Products and Beanie Babies. Aside from work I attend Ohlone College.

While On-Line: I do lots of stuff! I'm in several PBEM's(play by e-mail) games ranging from Final Fantasy to Changeling: The Dreaming to my all time favorite, Amber DRPG. I belong to several mailing lists(The Books of Magic ML and the Jiraishin ML being my two favorites) and I do some selling and buying on E-Bay and, recently, Yahoo!. I also spend a lot of time talking to my friends and answering e-mail.

My Current Top Five Anime Series:

My Current Top Five Manga(Japanese Comic) Series:

My Current Top Five American Songs:

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in the beautiful state of California!


The California GIF above was acquired from Vikimouse!