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Please Note: Several of the rooms in the Castle still exist on my old server(geocities). I am working to move them over, but for the time being it is more convenient for me to leave them there. Several graphics are also linked off my geocities server. I apologize for any problems this may cause in the load time or(God forbid!) if you have to deal with pop up adds! Thank you for being understanding!

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The following is a list of the major changes to Celes Star's Castle, with the most recent changes shown first:

July 8: Updated my links pages. Updated the Celes Image Gallery for FF6!

May 14: Wow! It's been a while since updates, huh? Updated my main page today. Added more info about myself. Added a new page to my Poetry section. In the world of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter I updated the main page, my opinions, the dance floor, the library and links. Updated the main page on my shrine to Sasha and Cash form Kindred: The Embraced. Updated the Last Unicorn main page. My main Amber page edited. Also made some changes to Shannon's Page. Changes made to the Ice Blade main page. Mahou Tsukai Tai main page udated as well as the links page. Added a age on the domestic release. Also updated the main sub-page. Kodomo no Omocha main page updated and altered. The Darling! main page has been updated. Updated the Lum poll results as well as the "women" page. Mermiad Saga links updated. Mermiad video info updated. Added a new definition to "Just What Is an 'Otaku' Anyway?" Fushigi Yuugi pages in general updated. Lina's Treasure Box updated. Added a whole new set of pages for "I Can't Take It Anymore," a Yaoi story.

January 3: My Legend of Mana page is complete. Check it out! Updated my main page.

October 13: I'm in the process of updating all my pages and deleting all the TSF stuff since I no longer compete. Also, I'm in the process of checking my web rings because Yahoo! bought Web Ring and a lot of the rings have ceased to function instead of making the transition.

August 4: Updates to my main page as well as the "castle" page. Info was added to the page "All About Me!"

May 28: A whole new section called The Arcade was added to the castle! There's not much here yet, but I'm working on it! If you stop by you'll find my shrine to General Celes from Final Fantasy VI, a Final Fantasy VI FAQ, and a shrine to Leon from Tales of Destiny.

May 27: Lots is going today! First of all I'm fixing some graphic problems that some pages have when viewed with Netscape(the backgrounds on this page and the castle page weren't appearing) I have a brand new image on my homepage! It's very pretty ;-) A couple of things were added to my page for Spirit Kaos Wing. I rearanged a couple of graphics on my homepage as well as added a cute "Made with Mac" Gif. Minor updates were made to my "Last Unicorn" pages. Made some minor graphical updates to my Poetry Pages. Added a new background to the castle page. New info was added to the "All About Me!" page =-) Changes were made to several of my Anita Blake pages.

May 22: My *spirit* page for my new TSF alter ego, Spirit Kaos Wing, is up.

May 14: Some link updates as well as recent poll results added to my Lum: Urusei Yatsura page(lovingly called Darling!) Updated the link section of my Ice Blade page. A new Island is up! Come and visit "The Fantasy Isle."

April 5: Well, I actually do update a lot more than this, but nothing major(except for my Spirit Page overhaul and the addition of my Fairy Pages) I recently added a lucky Maneki Neko to my anime mainpage. My Atlantis site is almost done!

December 21: Updated my Spirit Page(I do that a lot, don't I?) Also updated the ring fragment for the Lum-chan web ring and the Hentai Free link. A new page with my voting information for the Site Fights is now available here. My shrine to Sasha and Cash from Kindred: The Embraced is complete. It is called "Forever Together, Forever Apart."

December 19: New links added to the Ice Blade link page. Updated my Spirit Page and added a new page with a Christmas gift from one of my supporters.

December 15: Updated the Lum Urusei Yatsura Poll Results! Updated my Spirit Page.

November 29: Well, I haven't had time to do anything big because of school. My shrine to Sasha and Cole from Kindred: The Embraced is almost complete, but probably won't be up until mid-December. I've kept up on my Site Fights stuff including my Spirit Page and have made a new page to hold all my "gifts" from the fights. I continue to work on my "Island Hopping" section and I won a new award! Also, I updated "Ekans" Is "Snake" Spelled Backwards! today.

October 19: What a busy day today has been! My Spirit Page has been updated as has my Friends page. I received a new award(Yea!) and I also added a new "section" to the castle called "Island Hopping." Island Hopping is my links pages. All are up except the anime section.

October 16: Lemme see......total overhaul on my Spirit Page include a new sub-page with all my supporters. Fixed some graphical problems with this page and several others. Updated the page all about me! Also, I won a new award! Yea! Check it out here!

October 3: Made some graphical changes to the Castle.

September 29: Added IMG ALT's to "Ekans" Is "Snake" Spelled Backwards! Also added a new page to that set - an Ekans/Arbok Fanart Page! Updated/made changes to my Site Fights Spirit Page. Made a pic I drew of "DMan" public!

September 18: I added a new page with a pic for everyone who has supported me in the Site Fights! If you helped me in the Fights feel free to take it! ^-^ In other news, my Pokemon page, "Ekans" is "Snake" Spelled Backwards!, won an award! A section was added to the Castle. Please visit The Map Room!

September 7: Again, I have moved up in the Site Fights! I'm currently working to get my fansub pages moved over, but who knows how long it will take.....School has started, so my free time is limited.

August 29: Well, this isn't a big change, but I have moved up in the Site Fights! Yea! I'm through the cliffs and into the forest.....

August 25: Well, my newest page is up. It is called "Ekans" Is "Snake" Spelled Backwards! and is dedicated to my favorite Pokemon, you guessed it!, Ekans! The Anime Garden and the Teleportation Pool have been updated with this new link.

August 21: Added a brand new(but small) page about Me! I finally posted the results of the Lum Urusei Yatsura Poll. I will try to update these monthly. I've been periodically adding links to my guestbook and links so you all can vote for me in The Site Fights! I'm hoping to finish them all up tonight or tomorrow.

August 17: I'm continuing to add links to pages so people can sign my all-new-oh-so-nifty Guest Book! Thank you Bravenet! I'm very happy with my new guestbook and if you're in need of one I suggest you check them out(it's all free)

August 16: Okay, I have a guestbook! Yea! I'm working on adding links so can sign it throughout the Castle! Also, all of my links have been fixed(those pages still on geocities now link back to here). I have verified all the pictures through AOL's browser and have found that they appear. However, when I was Netscape last night I noticed that some of them were coming up broken =( If you notice any broken pic's please send me the url and tell me what browser you're using and I will try to fix that problem.

August 11 - Well, everything is moved over aside from a few stray pages. Today I went through all my pages and I'm fixing problems which have arisen(broken images, mis-typed links, etc...)

August 7 - Woah! There a LOT of changes! New server, new set up, entirerly new section(The Dungeon - Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) that did not exist on my old server. The Anime Pages are almost completely transplanted in the Garden. I am currently searching for a new guestbook(I believe I've found one, but we'll see =)


So What's in the Works?

Future Projects(maybe)

Fairy Graphic courtesy of The Clipart Castle.

Bars copied from Janapoel's Purple Graphics.

Background provided by Lycentia's Sailor Moon Graphic Shop.