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Main Characters

The Unicorn - The Unicorn is whom our story is centered around. She is a magic beast, white with a long flowing main. She lives deep in the forest, called "The Unicorn's Forest" by men, and there it is never winter and she protects her animal friends from the hunters. Because she believes herself to be the last of her kind, she ventures out into the world to search for other unicorns. She is soft spoken and somewhat naive. The Unicorn is immortal.

Schmendrick - Schmendrick is a magician, though he is better at parlor tricks than true magic. He can see the Unicorn and can see through Mommy Fortuna's illusions. He is a brave soul with a noble heart who is very loyal and wants nothing more than to help his friends and become a true magician.

Molly - Molly is a spinster. She offen reflects on her youth and knows bits and peices of lore and the rules of magic, though she is certainally not a magician. She loves beautiful things and is able to see the Unicorn, though many believe her to be a mere mare.

Minor Characters

The Butterfly - The Butterfly is a collector of bits and peices of poetry, knowledge, conversation, whatever it hears. It likes to fly around and show off it's knowledge, repeating those things it has heard over the years. The Butterfly is fickle, however, and is not prone to staying on one subject very long.

Mommy Fortuna - Mommy Fortuna is best described as a witch who has sunk to petty illusions. She dresses everyday creatures in an array of costumes and casts spells to make them appear as wonderous beasts. The only real creature in her collection, other than the unicorn who she is forced to make wear a false horn, is the harpy, who wishes death apon the women who captured her.

The Red Bull - The Red Bull works for King Haggard and is a frightening brute who seems to made of fire. He lives beneath Lir's castle and he rounded up all the unicorns, but one, and trapped them in the sea. It is fear of the Red Bull that keeps the unicorns from fleeing their prison. He is immortal.

Prince Lir - Prince Lir is King Haggard's adopted son. He is a mighty hero who slays dragons, rescues maidens, and defeats giants. He is in love with the Lady Amalthea(who is really the Unicorn turned into a human) and will do anything to win her love in return.

King Haggard - King Haggard is a greedy misor who lives atop a crag in a great castle. Nothing in life brings him joy except starring into the sea and watching "his" unicorns.


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