Unicorn Links!


All of my pictures came from Heidi's Last Unicorn Page which has lots of screen shots.

The Last Unicorn contains some generally info about this wonderful movie as well the entire script for the film.

Cubbi's The Last Unicorn Page has the lyrics to all the songs as well as each one in WAV format available for download.

The Unicorn Grove is a wonderful mesh of all sorts of information on unicorns including a page dedicated to The Last Unicorn under the movie section.

The Internet Movie Database's The Last Unicorn Page. Contains the entire cast, release info, summary, quotes, and availble voting to rate the movie.

Geoff's Unicorn Page. Doesn't acctually have anything on The Last Unicorn, but has many, many pictures of unicorns.

The Unicorn's Home has lots of pictures(and I mean lots!) of unicorns as well as some good information.

How To Fold An Origami Unicorn Rather self explanitory, don't you think?

Peter S. Beagle is a page about you-know-who!

Any more Unicorn links out there? Surely there must be! E-mail me and give me the URL! Thanks ^-^

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